February 05, 2009

fishing in the river

his name is opik, he often spent holidays with fishing on the river. a few days ago, this river flooding, as heavy rain that doesn't stop. but now the weather is back to normal and no more flood.


Olivier said...

je découvre ton daily blog, bienvenu dans le monde des Daily. Je suis surpris par la qualité des photos prisent avec ton téléphone portable, superbe

I discovered your blog daily, welcome to the world of the Daily. I am surprised by the quality of photos taken with your cell phone, superb

JM said...

Lovely composition! I agree with Olivier, it's amazing how you menage to take such good photos with your cell phone!
Glad there are no more floods now.

valeria said...

You have a very good cell phone!!!! Look at thos colours! This scene is so QUIET... I can hear the river flowing!

Kris said...

What might they hope to catch, may I ask?

nanak said...

they usually only get a small fish, it difficult if you want to get a big fish in this river.