April 17, 2009

Caque, Onde-onde, fried bread


brattcat said...

Are they sweet?

Fio said...

Brattcat, You anticipated my question!

Nice capture:)

frenchie4moi said...

Oh I bet they are good!

JM said...

What does 'onde' mean? It is the portuguese word for 'where'! :-)

nanak said...

no, its just a name of that food

J.C. said...

We have onde-onde in Malaysia too. But I am not certain if it's the same with the one you have.

henny said...

Brattcat, Fio and Frenchie4moi: Onde2 is sweet. There are tens kinds of onde2 in Indonesia :). Cakue and roti goreng is either sweet and salt, depend on the filling.

JM: really? We call it Onde-onde. Many Indonesian words are pronunced twice such as hati-hati (be careful), gula-gula (candy), etc.

J.C.: I'm sure this kind of onde2 can be found in Malaysia, too. This onde2 is the dry one, not sticky. Our food isn't much different, is it?

Nanak, kamu sukses deh bikin aku ngiler liat jajanan gerobak :(

nanak said...

trimakasih atas bantuannya

jadi malu sy
mklum ga bisa english yang baik dan bnar