April 19, 2009

"Gendang Beleq" on action

Gendang Beleq is one of the most popular festivals in Lombok. Gendang Beleq is in fact a dance festival that is performed annually in the month of April. This is a native festival of Lombok. In the prehistoric era, Gendang Beleq was performed during the occasions like farewell of the soldiers who were going to face the war and also to welcome them from the warfronts. However, gradually Gendang Beleq became a more general festival and now it is performed in various occasions such as marriage ceremonies, in a parade called Nyongkolan and also for the entertainment of the important guests in Lombok.

The dance that is performed in the Gendang Beleq festival is called Gandrung. The dance involves two huge drums to accompany it. The word “Beleq” means huge and the other word “Gendang” stands for drum. The drums make loud noises, which in turn signify the essence that makes war.


Jacob said...

Everyone looks to be having a great time...all people and countries need festivals...

I can almost hear the boom-boom of the drums in Florida!

brattcat said...

What a wonderful series. Have you ever danced in a Gendang Beleq festival? Or had one danced for you? I love seeing the faces and colors. So much happiness and movement! Is that a truck in the background with people standing up in it? Are they part of the festival?

Rick Whitman said...

Thank you for your excelllent photos and your explanation of what the festival means and your translation of it's name, Gendang Beleq.
Your site is a pleasure to read every day.

nanak said...

i never danced in a Gendang Beleq festival or had one danced for me.
i can't dance well :)

@Rick Whitman
my pleasure too had a visitors like you sir