March 11, 2009

Jaran Kamput

this boys will be circumcised. before the circumcision, he carried around the village so that he will be happy. and not be afraid at the time of circumcision. This local arts called 'Jaran Kamput'


brattcat said...

Amazing, Nanak. Are all boys circumcised? Do they give the boys something to make the procedure a little less painful?

bfarr said...

How old are the boys when they do this. It sounds painful.

Jacob said...

Yikes! That kid's gonna feel it. Is this a religious or cultural exercise?

nanak said...

almost all boy is circumcised.
and yes, they injected with drug.
whenever their parents is ready
there is no problem with age :)
its a cultural exercise.

Julie said...

interesting. thanks for sharing.

JM said...

This is very interesting although it may sounds cruel to me, but many cultures around the world do it.

J.C. said...

I find this informative. It's the first time I learnt of Jaran Kamput.