March 03, 2009

The old bridge

click here to see this bridge from different angel.


JM said...

Nature is taking the place.

brattcat said...

How long has the bridge been out of use? I'm wondering about the decay rate of wood in Mataram. Here in Vermont it takes many years of disuse to reach this stage. This is such an interesting photograph, Nanak.

Jacob said...

Fascinating! I'm sure glad the bridge is not been used...could be an interesting trip across it!

roentarre said...

Good pattern with nice colour of green in the foreground here.

Excellent composition :)

BOCAH GELO'S said...

leq mbe ini kak?
baru liat perasaan?

Anonymous said...

Kn uda qta ksi tau d postingan old bridge yg sblumnya. Hehe
d jl dr sutomo, dket rumah.